The Regency Revolution: Jane Austen, Napoleon, Lord Byron and the Making of the Modern World

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The birth of Jane Austen in the later part of the 18th century meant that she witnessed a remarkable phase in British history as the movement for change swept across the world with the turn of the century. She lived through the Napoleonic Wars, the Regency and the start of the Industrial Revolution. This book looks into the colourful and chaotic decade of the Prince Regent, a monarch Jane was known to dislike.

"Poor Woman, I shall support her as long as I can, because she is a Woman, & because I hate her Husband". Letters, 1813 in response to Princess Caroline published letter listing her marital grievances.

A very interesting read for fans of Jane Austen, and other literary names of the time such as Lord Byron and Mary Shelley, and the Regency Period. This book by Robert Morrison will provide the historical background to the change in societies and the politics of the era.

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