Sanditon DVD Set

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Sanditon DVD Set

"Yes, I have heard of Sanditon ... Every five years, one hears of some new place or other starting up by the sea, and growing the fashion. How they can half of them be filled is the wonder!" Sanditon, 1817
The ITV production of Jane Austen's Sanditon, brought to life by Andrew Davies

A chance accident brings Charlotte Heywood to Sanditon, a seaside resort on the cusp of dramatic change. Spirited and unconventional, Charlotte is initially keen to experience everything the town has to offer but is then shocked by its scheming and ambitious inhabitants and intrigued by the secrets they share. When Charlotte is tactlessly forthright about the family of enthusiastic entrepreneur Tom Parker, she immediately clashes with his handsome but wild younger brother Sidney. Amidst the rival suitors and unexpected danger, can Charlotte and Sidney see past each other’s flaws and find love?

2 disc DVD set 

366 hours