Our Mutual Friend - Wordsworth Classics

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Our Mutual Friend - Wordsworth Classics

“I have made up my mind that I must have money, Pa. I feel that I can't beg it, borrow it, or steal it; and so I have resolved that I must marry it.” Our Mutual Friend, 1865

The last novel completed by Charles Dickens begins with the grisly discovery of a corpse in the Thames, is this the body of John Harman, who was heir to the Harmon estate if he agreed to marry Bella Wilfer, a young woman he has never met? But is John Harman dead? What will become of Bella now that her intended has perished? This is Charles Dickens' satirical novel about the allure and peril of money.

A Wordsworth Classics with introduction, notes and illustrations

Paperback 1997

832 pages

Complete and Unabridged

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