Obstinate Girl Tote Bag

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Jane Austen Obstinate Girl Tote Bag

"Obstinate, headstrong girl! I am ashamed of you! Is this your gratitude for my attentions to you last spring?" Pride & Prejudice, 1813

A cream fabric tote bag with the famous outburst by Lady Catherine de Burgh to Lizzie Bennet.  Made from natural canvas cloth with side and base support, reinforced fabric handle, this bag is made to be versatile, trendy and durable. Ideal for shopping, picnics and the beach. A great gift for a 'Pride & Prejudice' fan who wants to keep up the tradition of being obstinate and headstrong!

Dimensions : 16" x 15" x 6" with a 22" reinforced fabric handle.

100% cotton, machine washable.

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