Northanger Abbey - Wordsworth Collector's Edition

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Northanger Abbey - Wordsworth Collector's Edition

"She had not been brought up know to how many idle assertions and impudent falsehoods the excess of vanity will lead." Northanger Abbey, 1818

The story of a young Catherine Morland who, after leaving her sheltered, rural home enters the busy, sophisticated world of Bath where her new acquaintances the Tilney family invite her for a short stay at their country estate, Northanger Abbey. Catherine's love of romantic, gothic novels allows her imagination run wild and her reading becomes intertwined with her social and romantic adventures, adding to the uncertainties and embarrassments she must undergo before finding happiness. 

Jane Austen's famous novel "Northanger Abbey" now presented in this handsome hardback cover, part of the Wordsworth Collectors Editions of Jane's books, A beautiful addition to your Jane Austen collection. 

Hardback 2020

264 pages

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