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"No sooner had Fanny received news that John had inherited the Norland estate, the family's bags were packed and she, her husband and their son, the overly doted-on Henry, set out for Norland, which Fanny was already referring to as their 'country residence'."

A charming version of Jane Austen's first published novel 'Sense & Sensibility', complete with witty caricature illustrations, tells the story of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood when they are forced to leave their very comfortable home on the death of their father. Their new life in new surroundings brings heartbreak and chances to fall in love - requiring much sisterly support in their pursuit of happiness.

This is an ideal introduction to Jane's novel for our younger readers. Aimed at readers from age 8 and up, this retelling of this famous story will delight and we hope ignite an enduring interest and love for the writings of one of England's most brilliant novelists -  Jane Austen.

Available in hardback or paperback ~ 2020 

240 pages

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