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"Mrs. Bennet wasn't the only one who was excited about the arrival of Mr. Bingley. Everyone one in the neighbourhood was talking about him, especially because it was a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."

A delightful, fresh and funny version of Jane Austen's most famous novel 'Pride & Prejudice', complete with witty caricature illustrations. It tells the story of The Bennet sisters, in particular Elizabeth and Jane Bennet who are expected to marry well to save the family's future - Elizabeth though will only marry a man she truly loves. When she meets a Mr. Darcy at a local ball she is determined not to marry him however rich he may be.

An introduction to Jane's romantic novel for our younger readers. Aimed at readers from age 8 and up, this retelling of this famous story will delight and we hope ignite an enduring interest and love for the writings of one of England's most brilliant novelists -  Jane Austen.

Available in hardback or paperback ~ 2019 

240 pages

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