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"Fanny felt bad, but being taken away from her family and home seemed very unlucky. Her aunt talked at her the entire journey: amazing family, beautiful girls, such handsome boys! They approached Mansfield Park and the house's magnificent size filled Fanny with fear. How could she ever belong here?" 

A charming version of Jane Austen's 'Mansfield Park', complete with witty caricature illustrations, tells the story of young Fanny Price and her years spent at Mansfield Park the home of her rich relations.

This is an ideal introduction to Jane's novel for our younger readers. Aimed at readers from age 8 and up, this retelling of this famous story will delight and we hope ignite an enduring interest and love for the writings of one of England's most brilliant novelists -  Jane Austen.

Available in hardback and paperback ~ 2020

240 pages 

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