Jane Austen: The Chawton Letters

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Jane Austen: The Chawton Letters

"To be burned", note on bundle of letters, 1843

After Jane Austen's death in 1817 a large proportion of her correspondence to her sister Cassandra was destroyed by mutual agreement. Fortunately not all. This book reproduces a number of such intimate letters between the two sisters.

"Jane Austen: The Chawton Letters" traces a lively story beginning in 1801, when, aged twenty-five, Jane Austen left Steventon in Hampshire to move to Bath. Later letters relish the shops, theatres and sights of London, but are interspersed from 1809 with the quieter routines of village life in Chawton, Hampshire, which was to be her home for the remainder of her short life. Her thoughts and worries over the publication of her novels are also referenced. Finally the emotional letter written by Cassandra recalling Jane's death in Winchester. A serious and intimate account of Jane through her personal letters.

Hardback 2017 128 pages

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